Best Favorite List of Anime OSTs

Speaking of anime, it is not separated from the original soundtrack or what is commonly called the OST. It feels when we watch anime without an OST it feels less when we watch it. Even so many people like and make Anime Ost their favorite songs. There are so many genres that are made by an anime to increase the spirit of watching and to show the quality and theme of the anime. Some have the genre of Rock, Pop and some even have a metal genre.

ost anime

When we listen to OST from anime, it will certainly be imagined in our minds to imagine imagining the characters in the anime. Some people are favorites or like to listen to the OST from the anime because the film has finished first. But it’s still imagined from the ost quality that is in their favorite anime. To listen to OST from anime like this is also used for nostalgia with the favorite anime first.

For Anime lovers, the existence of Osts like this is one of the main attractions to watch the anime and can be used to spoil the ears by listening to the song. Speaking of ost-anime, there are currently some of the most popular Osts. The Ost is a lot of listeners, even for people who download at the beginning or end the ost also very much in the anime.

  • The first sequence is Believe – Folder 5

One Piece fans must be familiar with the opening of the theme of the anime series about pirates. For the distinctive features of the One Piece OST, the music is cheerful and full of enthusiasm and it is reflected in the characters in it.

  • Next is Michi to you all – Aluto
  • Naruto Shippuden’s anime is one of the anime that attracts the attention of anime lovers. Not only from the anime that is the choice or favorite of many people. But also from the Ost that is in the anime. The storyline in this anime is indeed up and down. That is draining emotions and a long storyline. This song caught the attention of many people because it was sung with full appreciation and described Naruto’s sadness when losing his best friend Sasuke.

Many more Anime Osts attract the attention of anime lovers and make the song their favorite song.