Can’t Sleep Because Many Thoughts, Overcome it with Some of These Effective Ways

Maybe some of you have experienced a condition where you have been in the bed for an hour but never sleepy and fall asleep. Quite often this raises the question of why I can’t sleep. One of the main causes of not being able to sleep is having a lot of thoughts. Actually many thoughts are natural things experienced by modern society like today. Especially when they are worried about something, especially the future.

In addition to many thoughts, you can also experience insomnia when consuming caffeine before going to bed. The habit of staring at a laptop before going to bed can also make your mind difficult to relax. If you experience insomnia because there are many thoughts, you should need to do some following effective methods to quickly fall asleep.

  1. Avoid going to bed if it’s not yet drowsy

When you experience insomnia, but you remain in bed, it will worsen your insomnia. Because these conditions will make the brain connections between the beds, anxiety with insomnia. For this reason, when you experience insomnia, even though you have been lying for 20-30 minutes, you immediately get out of bed.

  1. Listen to Podcasts

Podcasts are currently becoming a trend in various circles. Podcast itself is an audio book that you can listen to without the need to turn on the lights. But when listening to the audio book, you should choose a topic that is heavy and less interesting so you can feel sleepy quickly.

  1. Focus on breathing

To give your mind a sense of calm before going to sleep, try breathing exercises. Slow and deep breathing will have an impact on the slowing heart rate. For those of you who feel anxious, you can practice this method to give a sense of calm. Do breathing exercises while lying in bed.

  1. Consult a doctor

If the problem of insomnia continues to haunt you and never heals, immediately consult a doctor. Through medical personnel, you will be helped to evaluate what habits you did wrong before going to bed and how to deal with them appropriately.

If you experience insomnia due to many thoughts, then try to do the above methods so you can get quality sleep at night.