Don’t give this food to our cat!

The provision of good and nutritious feed is important because it is an energy source that is used for daily activities. Often we assume that good food consumed by humans is also good for our beloved cat to eat. This assumption is wrong, some foods are abstinence and must be avoided by cats. Including our Persian cat. What are you doing?

can cats eat eggs

The following is a list of foods that are prohibited for pet cats

  • Garlic and onion

Shallots and garlic should not be eaten by cats, because it will cause anemia.

  • Avocado

Avocado tree leaves, fruit and bark of the plant tend to be all toxic. Avocados contain persin which can damage the heart muscle of animals. Clinical symptoms of poisoning are usually characterized by vomiting, diarrhea, lethargy and difficulty breathing.

  • Raw egg white

Many people ask can cats eat eggs? The explanation is that giving raw egg white to cats will result in biotin deficiency. Because egg white contains avidin compounds that can reduce the availability of vitamin B biotin. Biotin is a group of the vitamin B complex that is needed for cat health. Biotin is caring for skin and hair health, very necessary for digestion growth and so that the muscles function properly. some animals affect the number of children per birth.

Serving suggestions: if you want to serve whole eggs for cats, it’s better to boil them first. Because it can reduce avidin, but unfortunately it also reduces the value of food substances. Giving yolk is better, but keep in mind, the fat content of egg yolk is relatively high. Giving too much can cause obesity.

  • Raw liver

Raw liver contains very much vitamin A. While for cats there is a limit on the maximum amount of vitamin A allowed.

Serving suggestions: Cooking the liver before serving it to cats can reduce levels of vitamin A and kill the seeds of the disease that may be present in the liver.

  • Alcoholic beverages

Alcoholic beverages will adversely affect the nerves of cats. Symptoms of poisoning can occur if the cat drinks it.

So, for cats don’t try it. The reason is not because the expensive cost of the cat, but the value owner of having healty fit cat.