List of the Best Android Games 2020

List of the Best Android Games 2020

1. Mobile Legends: Bang Bang
If on a PC you can play Dota 2 or League of Legends, on an Android phone you can play the game Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.

This best Android game made by Moonton is one of the MOBA mobile games that are very popular among Indonesian gamers. Anyway, everyone must have played!

Easy gameplay by using virtual analogue makes it easy for you to have a hard time controlling the hero you play.
Even though it has actually been released from 2016, until now there are still many who Download Game Android . This game is still regularly getting major updates like the new Mobile Legends 2.0

2. Shadowgun: War Games

Despite the same name, Shadowgun: War Games is not a sequel to Shadowgun’s best FPS game series but rather the same as spinoffs

Instead of the usual FPS, this game reflects the Madfinger Games developer business in enlivening the MOBA FPS genre that is popular on PC thanks to the game Overwatch.

Because it was only released in early 2020, of course this game still needs further development in terms of content, but what’s available so far is quite promising!

3. eFootball PES 2020

Football game fans are forever faced with one eternal question, choose PES or FIFA? For Android, Jaka specifically prefers eFootball PES 2020.
The reason? Because compared to FIFA Soccer, the best Android game in the world of football is not a pay-to-win game and your own skills are very influential.
As can be seen from its name, this game actually has a focus on eSports, unlike FIFA Soccer which seems to be just looking for profit.

4. Pokemon Masters

When Pokemon GO was released in 2016, many complained that the next game had a different gameplay than the usual Pokemon games.

Fortunately, their disappointment was successfully treated with the release of the Pokemon Masters game, which has turn-based RPG gameplay!

In the best Android game for kids, you are assigned to form a team consisting of a combination of 3 Pokemon and trainers and defeat other teams.