Recognize the Wall Types to be Coated Wallpaper

wallpaper wall design

To create an atmosphere of a certain space, maybe using wallpaper is the right choice. A wallpaper wall design on the wall in the form of various motifs, colors and textures, the room covered with wallpaper will help create the desired atmosphere or impression in space in an instant. In addition, wallpaper can manipulate the lack of space they have. But not all walls can be directly coated with wallpaper. For that, you should know the types of walls that will be coated wallpaper.

  1. New Wall

If you have space with a completely new wall, you can immediately put wallpaper on the desired wall area. The new wall is the easiest field to install wallpaper because the conditions are still good. You only need wallpaper glue to glue wallpaper. You can use a paintbrush or a paint roll to apply glue to the back of the wallpaper. Next, you just stick the wallpaper to the desired wall area. Use a tool such as a special tap to help attach and rub the wallpaper to fit perfectly. In addition, rubbing the wallpaper also serves to remove the air so as not to cause air bubbles.

  1. Old Wall

For the old wall area that you want to cover the wallpaper, you have to really pay attention to the condition of the wall. Are there cracks, hollow surfaces, moldy, uneven, peeling paint and so on. If the old wall has holes, you have to patch it by giving putty first. Likewise, if the surface of the wall is uneven, you must repair it until the wall becomes flat and smooth. If the walls are moldy, it is not recommended to attach the wallpaper to the wall because the wall is moist. Wallpaper is made of paper so it is vulnerable to water and will make the wallpaper rot if it is affixed to the moist wall area.

  1. Plastering Wall

If the wall that you want to cover with wallpaper in the form of a plastering wall without paint finishing, the wall is at least 3-4 months old and can be applied to the wallpaper. Before installing, the plaster wall must be cleaned with vinegar. The surface of the wall must be rubbed to remove the protruding residue from the plaster. If there are cracks or cracks on the surface of the wall, add it with a plaster-filled with a layer of latex.

  1. Plywood Wall

The wallpaper can only be installed on the surface of the wood surface non-surface plywood that has been coated with melasmic (white). Basically, installing wallpaper on a triplex wall is the same as a normal plastering wall. However, there are some things that must be considered when installing wallpaper on the plywood wall. The first is to make sure the plywood wall is flat and not stringy. Dispose of wood fibers that come out so that the surface is really smooth and ready to be installed wallpaper. Next, wipe the surface of the plywood wall so that the surface becomes moist. Thus, the glue will easily seep and the wallpaper will stick firmly to the wall of the plywood. This also applies to gypsum walls.