Indonesia has a lot of charming natural beauty from Sabang to Merauke. Various tourist attractions in Indonesia are famous all over the world. One of them is Bali. The part of Bali that is always interesting to explore is Nusa Penida.

The Nusa Penida Islands are located near the island of Bali and are separated by the Badung Strait as part of the Bali tourism sector, Nusa Penida is always visited by visitors. They consider Nusa Penida and Bali to be an inseparable unity.

Various ways to go to Nusa Penida

The various beauties in Nusa Penida can attract tens of thousands of tourists every year. Nusa Penida is said to be the paradise of the world along with Bali. No wonder so many people who flocked to visit Nusa Penida and explore the beauty of nature which is said to be the paradise of the world.

The trip to Nusa Penida can be done by ferry or fast boat. Ferry boats in the port of Bali do provide cheaper ticket prices. However, using a ferry as crossing transportation to Nusa Penida is considered less effective.

Besides, you have to jostle with dozens of other passengers, you also have to travel for a long time. Instead, you can use the Nusa Penida fast boat facility. Although the ticket prices are quite expensive, you will not be disappointed when crossing using a fast boat.

The shape of the fast boat is designed specifically for a few people. You also have to pay Rp. 350,000 per person to be able to cross to Nusa Penida using Nusa Penida fast boat. But the price of the ticket can be cheaper if you use the services of MansaGo tours.

Fast boats available to cross to Nusa Penida are available once every two hours. Therefore you must stand by waiting for your turn to cross by using Nusa Penida fast boat at 10 am or 4 pm. You can wait for the fast boat that goes to Nusa Penida in Pemelisan.