Steps to resolve Sinusitis

Sinusitis is a condition in which germs enter the respiratory tract and fill the sinus cavity, and cause infection eventually. When a sinus infection occurs, The color of mucus in the sinus cavity will change and become thicker. If the condition is abandoned, it will cause a defect in the nasal cavity. Even worse can cause problems in other organs. Is a sinus infection contagious? Sinus infections can be contagious if caused by a virus. For this reason, you should immediately resolve the sinus infection so it won’t spread to people around you.

In an effort to treat a sinus infection, patience and conscientious are needed. Moreover, a sinus infection can relapse if the body condition is weak. If you currently have a problem with a sinus infection then here are some treatment steps you can take:

  1. Drink Lots of Liquid

The human body need a lot of liquid. Fulfills the need of liquid with a nutrient-rich drink such as fruit and vegetable juices. Also, make it a habit to drink warm water in the morning.

  1. Breathe Warm Water Steam

Inhale steam of hot water slowly and deeply. You can do this regularly. You can also dip the towel into hot water then tie it to your head and breathe the steam until the towel is cold.

  1. Consumption of Vitamin C

Take vitamin C so that your immune system increases. To get vitamin C intake, you can consume several types of foods such as apples and oranges.

  1. Expel the Dust

Make sure the furniture in your home is clean and free of dust. A house that is free of dust will reduce the recurrence rate of sinus infections. Clean the bed and pillow regularly so there is no dust attached.

  1. Stop Smoking

You need to know that smoke from cigarettes is very bad and can irritate the sinuses. That’s why start stopping smoking so that your body’s condition doesn’t get worse.