Various DZ09 Smartwatch Features

Many people out there ask, what are the benefits of using a smartwatch? Isn’t there a watch? Is it still lacking? Most people use a smartwatch or smartwatch to have 4 reasons, namely practicality/convenience, want to always be connected, adjust conditions and who want to look stylish.

DZ09 Smartwatch

Moreover, this DZ09 Smartwatch, there are many main features that you can use, including:

  • SIM Card or Bluetooth Phone Call [Bluetooth V3.0]

You can make calls or receive calls through this smartwatch.

  • Order

Very easily you can send or receive messages to be able to interact with all your friends

  • Musik/Messages/Call Logs/Synchronizec Phonebook

Synchronize all types of information from your gadget

  • Playing music

Enjoy all types of music that you like whenever and wherever

  • 08 MP Camera

You are free to use the camera with this smartwatch

  • Remote Camera Phone Control

You can take selfies or take pictures from a better perspective with the help of the Remote Control Camera gadget from this DZ09 smartwatch.

  • 380 mAH battery

The battery on this DZ09 smartwatch can last a long time and ensure more durable use to meet all your needs.

  • 54 inch TFT HD LCD Touch Screen, and 240×240 Pixels

The screen size that matches the HD [High Definition] image display gives you a great experience.

  • Sleep Settings

It helps monitor your sleep hours.

  • Pedometer

Take note of your total steps and calculate the distance you have traveled during sports activities, and calculate the calories and fat burned.

  • Sedentary Reminder

Give the warning to move the body after sitting for a long time.

  • Anti-Los / Finding Phone

If the Bluetooth is disconnected or the gadget is out of Bluetooth range, this DZ09 smartwatch will warn.

  • Stainless Steel Watch Case

DZ09 smartwatch stainless steel with very high durability and awesome touch sensation.

  • Pin Buckle Design

With an old stainless steel buckle pin, it is easy to remove and install.

Including DZ09 Smartwatch that has complete compatibility with several features above. Semogabis has been referenced to those who want to have a smartwatch to help with their daily activities.